When Pilate ask 2000 years ago:

What will you do with Yeshua – Jesus - who is called Messiah

My friend if you are not a Christian, time is truly running out for you. There is a hutch deception on the horizon road today in fact it is spilling in our time frame.

Jesus Christ is the only one who can save you from a lost eternity and a place the Bible calls the lake of fire. Without Jesus Christ you are lost.

What must you do to be saved from the coming deception and from the lake of fire.

The Bible says all have sinned all have short into the glory of God we all deserve hell and the lake of fire. There is only one escape and the answer is through Jesus Christ.

2000 years ago Jesus Christ came to earth. Lived a perfect live and died as a perfect sacrifice for your sins and for mine. But you have to receive that sacrifice and you have to receive this offer from God. You see, God has done all He can to rescue you from His own judgment. He does not want to judge you He wants to rescue you. And His amazing rescue mission was to have Jesus Christ His Own Son come to earth lived a perfect live and died and be punished by God on the Cross in your place.

Now you can except that or you can refuse it. If you accept it you will say: Jesus Christ I believe you died for my sins. Invite Christ into your life follow Him from this day on truly repent of your past, change your ways of living, follow Him and with His help you will changed and become a, what as known is, a born again believer. Christ will come into your heart if you repent of your past and turn to Him and look to Him as your only way of forgiveness and hope. But you must be sincere you must change, you must be willing to change.

If, on the other hand, you say I don’t want Jesus Christ, I am not interesting in your religion I am not interesting in following Jesus Christ than you have no one else to blame but yourself when the time comes for you to face God at His judgment seat. He has done everything He can to rescue you from His own cord.

But if you refuse you will one day stand before Him and give a account of your life and why you refuse this offer.

You say it is a bulling tactique, NO, it is a cry to rescue you. If you saw someone standing on the railway tracks and you knew a train was coming in the next few minutes and it will kill them outright what will you do. Wouldn’t you shout to them to get off.

What if they said to you, I don’t believe they using this way anymore I believe in my own way, I believe there is no train coming down this track for me. And you say: But it is coming! It is coming to hit you soon! And they say: I don’t believe you, go away. I want to walk this track myself, I am not interesting in you there is no train there is nothing coming. That is what you saying. You say: I don’t believe in Jesus Christ , I don’t believe He is coming to judge me. God is a God of love God wont hurt me?

Do you really think God allows sinful man into His Holy presence? NO! You have to change, you have to get of the track your own and follow Jesus Christ. I pray that you will come to know Him.

Thanks for reading this message

Bron: Shofar Ministries